Ecommerce Portal

Ecommerce Portal

We have developed a customized online e-commerce platform for a Fashion and Jewelry industry.

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Important features of the product

  • We develop eCommerce platform based on Magento
  • Necessary eCommerce website features as Global search, Persistent shopping cart, Return Policy, Flexible coupons and many others
  • SEO friendly with Site Map, friendly URLs and others
  • Catalog Management, Catalog Browsing, Product Browsing
  • One Page checkout, Integrated payment with Authorized.Net, Order Management


The Jewelry store owner was looking for a complete eCommerce solution. Furthermore, the customer wanted to implement modern theme for a contemporary look and feel. With modified features like zoom products, price filter in the portal, the company wanted to ensure an improve in UI experience.



We developed eCommerce platform with Magento and implemented the Magento Porto theme. We introduced secure payment with

Functional Features:

Online Ecommerce Portal

Catalog Management:

This module will provide options for managing catalog such as creating simple products, add product variant, Attribute sets, Search results, rewrites and redirects, search terms and tag products.

Online Ecommerce Portal

Customer Management:

The option wherein the client can manage customer account and groups has been developed.

Online Ecommerce Portal

Checkout, Payment and Shipping:

A complete control on the following details have been provided

One-page checkout

Guest checkout and checkout with account to use address book

Shipping to multiple addresses in one order

Saved shopping cart

Shopping cart with tax and shipping estimates

Integration with & Zone specific tax calculation









Authorized .Net,





Ecommerce Portal


A complete eCommerce solution for jewelry business that support various attributes related to the ornaments and other industry relevant products. The eCommerce solution will also allow secure payment options for customers with Authorized .net.  



Ecommerce Portal

Multi Level Marketing Mobile Solution

We have provided mobile applications (iOS & Android) which synchronizes with the existing website to let the businesses and consumers come to a common platform to benefit at the same time by expanding their market to a huge consumer base with lots of consumer friendly features which made the businesses more accessible by the consumers and at the same time allowing the consumers to find any store, business, service using the robust search system inside the app with few clicks, also lets the consumers utilize the different discounts and other benefits introducing the affiliated cards of this community to the businesses which belongs to this same community, just using this same application.
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